The Saga: Dec 21st

Happy holidays!  Immortals have been keeping our collective noses to the grindstone.  We’ve had some big events as Christmas approaches.  Whether it’s our League team’s debut performance at IEM Gyeonggi or our CS:GO squad competing for the ELEAGUE Major, we always give it our all, no matter the odds.  If you’ve missed either of those events, or the rest of the Immortals’ competitive calendar, the Saga is here to catch you up.


TL;DR: Immortals make the semifinals at IEM Gyeonggi, falling against Samsung Galaxy.

Gyeonggi was the first test of our League of Legends roster.  We only had a day and a half of practice heading into the event, so we intended to use this opportunity to find our footing.  It’s safe to say we succeeded.  Immortals showed some major potential, with Flame and Dardoch popping off throughout the event.  Pobelter served as our in-game leader during the event, and commanded Immortals through our series while managing to make some incredible plays himself.

We recommend you check out the decider match between IMT and J Team that allowed us into the semifinals; this 2-1 series showcases our roster’s strengths.  If you want to relive the rest of the full tournament, VODs can be found on ESL’s Twitch channel.

While there is some definite room for improvement, we’re very happy with our first showing and are excited for Spring.  Our coaching staff will be hard at work getting the boys into fighting form for the LCS.


TL;DR: IMT fall one game short of qualifying for the ELEAGUE Major.

After our strong showing at the ELEAGUE America Minor Championship, Immortals were eager for the next stage of the competition.  We moved onto the ELEAGUE Major 2017 Main Qualifier.  The terms were simple: win three games, and you move onto the Major.  Lose three games, and you head home.  Right off the bat, we picked up two wins against NV and Vega Squadron.

We hit a wall on Saturday, with Faze Clan stopping our win streak in its tracks.  We fell to mousesports next.  It all came down to a do or die game, and this happens to be our recommended match of the week: G2 vs IMT.  The two teams were pitted against each other, and only one team could move onto the Major.  It was a heartbreakingly close series.  IMT gained an early lead and sprinted ahead, only to have G2 catch up round by round.  The series went into overtime, with G2 narrowly taking the lead and claiming the final spot.

Our CS:GO squad may be down after such a close loss, but we’re not out.  We come back in 2017, well rested and ready to redeem ourselves.


TL;DR: ANTi makes Top 8 in the ZeRo Saga Singles bracket.

ANTi competed in the Singles competition at 2G Gaming’s ZeRo Saga event.  This tournament was stacked to the gills with talent, and ANTi found himself in the loser’s bracket after falling to NRG Nairo.  Some players would have given up, but ANTi isn’t one of them.  He battled his way through the loser’s bracket, and made it into the Top 8.

Our recommended game is ANTi’s match against Kameme.  This best of 5 series showcases ANTi’s strength on his main Mario well, and is a blast to watch.  While ANTi ended up falling to 7th place, losing to eventual tournament winner MKLEO, we’re proud of his performance in a tournament made up of the world’s best.

Our Christmas wish is that you keep up to date with all of our esports achievements by following us Twitter and liking us on Facebook.  2017 is fast approaching, and Immortals is ready to rev up in our second year as an org.