The Future is Bright: Welcome Flame to the Team!

We didn’t originally plan to replace our top laner for 2017, but Huni’s departure took us by surprise.  With his absence, we knew that we had to pick a skilled and experienced top laner capable of filling his shoes.  It wasn’t an easy task, but we believe we have found the man who can meet, and maybe even surpass, those expectations.  Pending Riot approval, please say hello to our new top laner, Ho-jong “Flame” Lee!

Hailing from South Korea, Flame is 24 years old and has been playing since Season 2.  He first made a name for himself on Azubu Blaze, and most recently played on Longzhu Gaming.  Flame has won the hearts of fans and praise for his dominant hard carry style, having amassed an amazing legacy over the years, including being honored with the creation of the phrase “Flame Horizon” for a 100 CS lead in a solo lane.

Unfortunately, Flame has encountered his fair share of challenges, as well.  He has never managed to achieve a title, and he has been benched before on previous teams.  Immortals is confident that we are capable of providing him with the environment that he needs to consistently reach the career highs that have defined his legacy.  We are looking forward to working with Flame in and out of game, and know that his experience and perspective will be a key part of Immortals’ 2017 roster.

“The original god of top lane, Flame’s experience is unmatched. It’s time for him to burn bright once again.” — CEO Noah Whinston.

Flame is a crucial part of Immortals’ 2017 roster.  While we’re proud to be fostering native North American talent, we’ve chosen to import a strong hand in top lane to reach our maximum potential.  We’re looking forward to working with Flame on both a personal and professional level.

Flame joins the rest of the team as they try out several supports during their ongoing Korean bootcamp.  Our final announcement will follow once we’ve found the perfect pick for coveted final  spot on the 2017 roster.

Four down, one to go.

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