The All-Important Coaching Staff

Over the last few days, our focus has been on announcing our new 2017 roster.  We know fans have been eager to see the team we’re fielding for Spring, and we appreciate the support and excitement from fans.  We also want to shine a spotlight on the infrastructure we’ve assembled for 2017.   While our roster is stacked with talent, every player needs support at his back to reach his highest level of potential.  With that in mind, we’d like to introduce our coaching staff:

Head Coach: Robert “RobertYip” Yip

Strategic Coach: David “Hermes” Tu

Team Manager: Jun “Dodo” Kang

Head Analyst: Brendan “Loyotalol” Schilling

Immortals is more than just our players.  While our League squad is the most visible, Immortals has worked hard to create infrastructure that will allow them to grow, develop, and shine throughout the coming year.  Selecting our roster was just the first step; we are planning to invest in our talent long-term during their stay with the organization.  Immortals will be working with our players both in and out of game, helping them grow as people and players.  That would not be possible without our coaching staff, who are a key part of the organization.

We’re excited to compete in 2017, and we know that our coaching staff will be vital to our upcoming success.