Introducing Olleh as the Immortals Support!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working hard to rebuild our roster.  So far, we’ve announced four out of five positions.  We know that the fans have been impatient to see the final roster while we searched far and wide for the perfect support.  The wait is finally over.

Pending Riot approval, Immortals have signed Joo-sung “Olleh” Kim as our starting support for Spring 2017!  Olleh has proven himself the best man for the job, and we’re excited to have him round out our existing roster.

A true international man of mystery, Olleh previously competed on Hong Kong Esports and paiN Gaming.  Everywhere he goes, he wins the hearts of fans.  His bright, ever-present smile and upbeat personality make him a popular player; he attended All Stars twice as a representative of Brazil in 2014 and the LMS in 2015.  Outspoken, multilingual, and easy going, he is a natural choice for the Immortals squad.

“We built the Immortals roster as one with a solid skill floor and high growth potential. Olleh’s communication skills and diverse experience are vital pieces to helping us reach that peak.” –CEO Noah Whinston

While Olleh has achieved success as a fan favourite, he’s never been granted the level of infrastructure that Immortals can offer.  Our 2017 roster was built with the intention of competing at the highest levels of League, and we fully believe Olleh is a valuable asset to that end.  Our coaching staff and infrastructure is more than capable of helping Olleh adjust to this new environment, and we’re convinced that he’ll shine on the LCS stage.

Now that the squad has been assembled, Immortals is looking forward to 2017, starting with IEM Gyeonggi on December 13th.  We know that Olleh – and the rest of the team – are more than up to the challenge.

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