Goodbye WildTurtle: Flashing Into a Bright Future

We have another 2017 pre-season announcement: Jason “WildTurtle” Tran is moving on after spending 2016 as our AD Carry.  WildTurtle’s megawatt smile and bright personality made him one of the most popular Immortals, and the house will be a little darker without his presence.  We wish him nothing but the best and thank him for his hard work and tireless effort during his time on Immortals.

The choice to sign WildTurtle was an obvious one.  He has been a mainstay of the North American LCS since 2013, making a name for himself on Team SoloMid.  He had a wealth of home front experience, and also represented NA internationally at Worlds and IEM Katowice.  We also knew that WildTurtle would be a fantastic team player who would work well with the rest of the squad with minimal conflict.

While WildTurtle was a valuable part of our team from day one, some fans and analysts weren’t sure whether he would be able to recapture the aggressive fire that defined his playstyle.  His final days on TSM’s 2015 roster made him look uncertain and meek; would that continue into 2016? Immortals brought the Wild back out of the Turtle, and he once again became one of North America’s top ADCs.  WildTurtle helped us achieve a 17-1 regular Split record in Spring, and 16-2 record in Summer.  He was a crucial part of the team, and we could not have done this without him.

WildTurtle was more than just a mechanically skilled player, he was also a blast to watch.  If there was the opportunity for a kill, he would flash in and take it.  Towers, barons, and careful supports could not stop him.  This audacious playstyle led to him popping off and dominating the Rift; it’ll be tough to find a new ADC capable of filling the vacancy Turtle leaves behind.

WildTurtle is a fantastic player, a good friend, and a wonderful person to work with.  The Immortals organization worked closely with him during 2016 to provide him help with a variety of life and career skills.  We know he’ll remember his time on the team fondly, and will go forth better equipped to handle the challenges that life, and League, throw at him.

Thank you again for your hard work and effort, WildTurtle; we wish you the best.  As the 2017 pre-season continues to develop, we’ll be making further announcements about our roster and plans.  We’ve already announced the departure of Reignover, Adrian, and Huni, and we’re proud to welcome David “Hermes” Tu to our roster as a strategic coach.  To be the first to hear about the next roster changes for 2017, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and come chat with us live on Discord.