Farewell, Huni


Recently, SKT announced that they’ve signed former IMT top-laner Huni.  This offer represents an incredible opportunity for Huni to graduate from Immortals onto one of the finest League rosters the world has ever seen. When we first learned about the offer, we were thrilled for Huni, but there was one hiccup: Huni had already signed a multi-year contract with Immortals.

We found ourselves in a bit of a quandary.  Huni is an incredibly talented player who meshes well with our staff and other players; his skill is at the core of our 2017 ambitions.  And yet, preventing Huni from embarking on this new opportunity would be unforgivable.  

This is the single greatest challenge to our values as an organization that we have faced since our formation.  We pride ourselves on doing right by our players and creating a healthy environment for competition.  Above all else, we treat our players with respect, and hope that they leave Immortals as better individuals.

That last point is key here.  We’re proud that the time Huni spent on Immortals helped craft him into the type of player that top Korean teams now look to recruit, and hope his heart will carry our values as he moves on.  

Huni has chosen to accept the offer, and we won’t get in his way.

Statement from Head Coach Robert Yip:

“It was my great pleasure to work with Huni in 2016 and now I have to say goodbye.  As an org we consistently look for the best players, always with an emphasis on how they will mesh together.  Personally this is the reason why Huni was the player that I had zero reservations about bringing back to Immortals.  He is a professional, incredibly smart and skilled player that always brings a positive attitude to the work environment.   His voice on the team and leadership qualities were at the forefront of our decision to bring him back.  A lot of people may have written him off after performances at the end of the season, citing ’tilting’ issues or inability to play for the team.  What they would not have seen are the countless hours he spent developing himself as a person and as a player.  A freak wrist injury hours before our semi-final vs Cloud 9 in Summer robbed us of seeing the culmination of all of Huni’s hard work and left Huni with a lot to prove which is why he was determined to join a top Korean team.

I truly believe he moves on from his time with Immortals a stronger player because of the work that he put in combined with a good environment.  The transformation from Huni in spring split to the end of summer was night and day.  This is the sort of ‘growth potential’ that I saw in him and obviously SKT as well.  It was always his dream to play for SKT and while it saddens me as a coach to see him go, as his friend, nothing makes me happier.  

Best of luck Huni, as always, I will cheer for you.”