Welcome David “Hermes” Tu, our new LoL Strategic Coach

We’re starting the 2017 pre-season with a coaching announcement: David “Hermes” Tu is joining our ranks as our new strategic coach.  Astute fans may have noticed this announcement slipped into our counsel of experts  discussing the preseason, but we’d like to delve into the reasoning for this change.  The key to having a strong roster starts with the right infrastructure, including coaching, and we believe Hermes will provide a strong start to our year as we begin the process of solidifying our roster.  


Hermes will  be joining Robert Yip, our performance coach, to make sure we cover all of the bases.  Hermes has made a name for himself in the NA LCS as a part of Renegades, Team EnVyUs, and NRG.  

I’ve had the opportunity to work in several challenger and LCS teams, and for me it’s an obvious choice to join Immortals.  We share a vision of competitive integrity and growth, and the organization itself provides a great support system both from a player and managerial perspective. –Hermes

We’ll be looking to combine his experience with our roster to improve our team and enter Spring more competitive than ever.  While we have yet to announce our player roster for 2017, we’re building a strong competitive foundation, including these changes to our coaching staff.  By having a strong infrastructure,  Hermes is already planning for the days ahead: “I’m excited to be working with Robert Yip and Jun Kang in laying the groundwork for the League of Legends team and preparing for the upcoming Spring Split. I hope to make the fans proud of our efforts.”

CEO Noah Whinston is optimistic that Hermes will fit in well with Immortals as we gear up to compete:

David’s cerebral and analytical approach to the game is the perfect complement to a talented roster.

Immortals enjoyed a good deal of success during the 2016 normal season, with records of 17-1 and 16-2 as we headed into the playoffs.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to translate those results in the playoffs, falling in the semifinals each split.  In 2017, we plan to proactively address the issues that caused us to fall short.  Bringing Hermes on board is just the first step in our comprehensive plan to improve and evolve for the future.

We’ll be continuing to innovate and make changes to our organization.  To keep up to date on Immortals’ quest for glory, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.  Want to chat with us about the team?  Come join us on Discord!

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