The Saga: Nov 22nd

As we head into the second half of November, some scenes lay dormant, with our League of Legends team currently resting and retooling before we prepare to compete in spring.  We have some  exciting announcements  on that front, but we’re continuing to compete in other games.  Our CS:GO squad faced one of their greatest challenges yet at IEM Oakland, and our Overwatch team continued to compete while dealing with the chaos of a new patch.  If these exciting games have somehow flown under your radar, we’re here to share the highlights and top moments from the last week. We are Immortals, and this is our Saga.


Tl;dr: Immortals make it out of Group A to the IEM quarterfinals, but fall to eventual tournament winner NiP

Recommended Match: IMT v Na’Vi

IEM Oakland was a massive test for Immortals as a team, and we showed off some explosive performances.  We were placed into Group A, and we started off with a close match against Taiwanese team TyLoo.  TyLoo play with a different, revolutionary style, and taking the win off of them on Mirage was a statement that Immortals are able to adapt and evolve to face our opponent.  While the 19 x 17 bout was a bit closer than we would have liked, we found our footing and carried the momentum from that win into our next match.  Immortals faced off against G2 Esports next, and we picked up a convincing 16 x 04 win.

From there, we were able to take another close match off of Team Liquid, but Astralis overwhelmed us on Dust2.  It all came down to an absolute nailbiter of a match, and the one that we recommend you catch from our time at Oakland: a match on Mirage against Na’Vi for the last spot out of Group A.

Ultimately, we fell in the quarter-finals to Ninjas in Pyjamas, the team who would go on to take the entire tournament.  While we fell short of our initial hopes, there’s a lot to be proud of at our performance at Oakland.  Immortals will continue to improve, and we’re well on our way to being a Brazilian powerhouse.

If you’re interested in taking in all of the action, you can find the VODs from IEM Oakland on ESL’s channel.


Tl;dr: We secure a second place finish at the Carbon Monthly Masters, beating Denial and Team Liquid

The Carbon Masters gave the North American Overwatch teams another chance to fight for glory, and Immortals answered the call.  After falling just short of the grand prize at the Alienware Monthly Melee, Immortals were hungry to prove themselves and prove that they were able to improve on their mistakes from the last showing.

We started off with one hell of a statement, taking a commanding 2-0 victory over Denial Esports. The new patch proved to be a major strength for our squad, as GrimReality thrived on the recently buffed Soldier, picking up Play of the Game on Dorado and rolling Denial with constant applied pressure from his heavy pulse rifle.  We also shook up the support meta, putting Aythen on Zenyatta to soften up targets with his Discord and allowing our duel offenses in GrimReality and Agilities to take Denial apart.  Add in Hyped, Nomy, and Chance on their comfort picks, and Immortals showed why we’re becoming an increasingly feared team in the NA scene.

With Denial down, we moved onto the semifinals, facing off against Team Liquid.  This bout is definitely our series to watch for the week.  Liquid picked up the first two games, and for a moment it looked as though IMT might get swept out of the tournament.  On Watchpoint: Gibraltar we re-asserted ourselves with a Roadhog hook combined with Soldier raining down damage. With  GrimReality and Agilities breaking the door open and getting us back in the game, we proceeded to reverse sweep Liquid.

While we weren’t able to take the entire Carbon Masters due to falling in the finals against Cloud9 (you ever get that feeling of deja vu?), we’re proud of our performance and we’re confident we’ll continue to improve throughout the winter.

You can catch up on the Carbon Masters monthly games via their YouTube channel.

While we don’t have any news to cover for League or Smash, we’re preparing for upcoming events.  We have more League announcements coming up, and we’re excited for Smashdown World and the UGC Smash Open.  To keep up with all things Immortals, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.