The Saga: Nov 14th

A true Immortal never stops fighting, especially when they have a worthy goal in their sights.  This November, we’ve been continuing to compete across multiple esports.  Immortals have been working hard, managing to do everything from taking home a grand prize to raising money for a good cause.  If you’ve been missing out on all the fun, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with this quick recap.  Welcome to The Saga!

TL;DR: IMT take second place at the November Alienware Monthly Melee.  Recommended game: IMT v Kingdom

The Alienware Monthly Melee is a major proving ground for Overwatch teams, showcasing rosters as they develop and grow to meet new challenges or fall apart in the face of adversity. The two day event ran from the 9th through to the 10th, and Immortals exceeded initial expectations.  The team looked arguably their strongest yet, with Agilities and GrimReality leading the team to victory.  GrimReality has often been considered the main damage threat, but Agilities has leveled up, evolving from a player known as a Genji one trick to a full fledged DPS menace.  Whether he was tearing through the enemy team on Reaper or landing clutch hooks as Roadhog, he was able to make a serious impact throughout the games.

The two carries had a strong support structure backing them up; Nomy played a solid Reinhardt, and Hyped showed some clutch shield timing on Zarya.  Aythen and Chance stayed in the back lines as Lucio and Ana, saving them from any missteps and keeping the rest of the team healthy.  Immortals tore through Luminosity and overcame Kingdom despite playing on the enemy’s domain of Nepal. IMT eventually made it to the final, facing off against Cloud9 and securing the second place prize.

While Immortals revealed some weaknesses that need improvement, November’s Alienware Monthly Melee showed off the roster’s high points and proved how far they’ve come.  While the VODs for the entire November Monthly Melee are available, we recommend catching their tactical slugfest against Kingdom that propelled them to the finals.


TL;DR: IMT will be competing in the ELEAGUE Arena for a place in the ELEAGUE Major Championship Qualifier.  Immortals also won iBUYPOWER Masters with their new captain

Immortals have been on a strong streak in CS:GO after making a change and introducing Lucas “Steel” Lopes to our roster.  We started out with the ELEAGUE Major Closed Qualifiers, where four organizations who snagged an invite, including Cloud9, Immortals, Echo Fox, and Team SoloMid, faced off against four teams who had earned a spot from the Open Qualifiers.  Only four teams could advance to compete in the ELEAGUE Arena on December 3rd, with a shot at the ELEAGUE Major Championship Qualifier on the line.  Immortals advanced past Blight Gaming and Team SoloMid to secure one of those four spots.

That victory was just the start.  Immortals went into the iBUYPOWER Masters and walked away with the grand prize of $20,000, an IEM Oakland invitation, and the glory of winning over Cloud9 in the finals.  This was the first major test for the team with Steel stepping up into the leader position, and they passed with flying colors.  Oakland looms, and Immortals are going to experience their next challenge in just a few days.  Oakland is considered a stacked tournament, and it’ll be a tough ride, but IMT are keeping their heads high and are ready to maintain the momentum that they’ve built throughout November so far.


Smash 4
TL;DR: ANTi helped raise $50,000 in the Smash the Record collaborative charity effort

Smash the Record is an annual charity event that brings Smash players and speedrunners together to raise money for St. Jude’s children’s research hospital.  A smorgasbord of big name players attended, including our very own ANTi.  ANTi picked up a top ranking in Super Smash Bros.  Wii U Doubles, sharing the prize with NRG’s Nairo.  Smash the Record 2016 has raised over $50,000 for this great cause, and you can find out more about the event and the good they’ve done at their official site.

We’ve had some huge successes so far, but we’re not content to rest on our laurels.  There are more games in the days ahead, with IEM Oakland being our next big event.  While our League team won’t be attending, as discussed in an announcement by CEO Noah Whinston, our CS:GO squad are preparing to fight their hardest.  For our League fans who are itching to see us back in action, you’ll be able to cheer for IMT representative Reignover at the upcoming All-Stars event!  We’ll keep you up to date as our teams continue to progress and compete across League, CS:GO, Smash, and Overwatch.