Goodbye Adrian, thanks for all the Support

Adrian Ma was a crucial part of our 2016 regular season success, and we were honored to have him at our backs.  After his contract expired, Adrian has decided it’s time for him to forge a new path.  He’ll be moving onto Phoenix1, and we wish him nothing but the best as he prepares to compete in Spring with a new squad.  We’ll be looking for a new support, but whomever we choose will have big shoes to fill; Adrian’s vision control and specialized support pool means that he was a valuable part of Immortals.  We’d like to thank him for his time and effort during the 2016 season.

Adrian was the first player we signed during formation.  A hard worker and great team player, Adrian formed the perfect foundation for our roster.  He had a long history in the League scene, best known for his time serving with Team Impulse.  While he originally formed an identity as a player to be feared on skillshot heavy champions like Thresh, he evolved into an ultra supportive player known for his Janna and Soraka play.  It was that strong support, combined with keen game sense, that allowed him to work so well with the rest of the team.

Immortals enjoyed two strong regular seasons in 2016, with a dynamic 17-1 debut in Spring.  Adrian was a true Immortal in the early season, going several games without giving up a single death.  While the rest of the roster was built up of aggressive players, Adrian was a necessary counterweight that allowed the entire unit to work.

We know that Adrian will thrive and succeed on Phoenix1, and we wish him well with his new team.  During his time on Immortals, we worked to offer primers on life skills that would go beyond his time on the team, covering anything from holistic lifestyle skills to financial planning to interpersonal courses.  We believe that Adrian will leave the organization as a better person and player than as he joined it, and we’re proud to have contributed to this growth.

While some team members are moving on, Immortals will be rebuilding to compete in the 2017 season with renewed vigor.  We’ve already announced our new strategic coach, and we’re excited about the next news to come. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more roster announcements in the weeks to come.