Reignover heads to Korea to support CLG boot camp


Sept 13th 2016

As part of our commitment to doing right by our players and to supporting North America’s 2016 Worlds run, Yeu-Jin “Reignover” Kim will be joining the CLG squad in Korea for their pre-Worlds boot-camp. Reignover will be working alongside CLG’s head coach, Tony “Zikz” Gray, and their jungler, Jake “Xmithie” Puchero, to help chisel CLG into fighting form.

Sharing talent with a year-long competitor is an unprecedented move for any western esports team, but we firmly believe that the mission of elevating a North American team to the title of World Champion trumps rivalries. CLG have proven themselves to be worthy competitors, and we’ll look on with pride as they represent North America on the international stage.

As we head into the off-season, we encourage all our players to consider their options and sign with a team that gels with their personality and career goals. Reignover requested an opportunity to be exposed to other team environments, and we intend to see that desire fulfilled.

Immortals CEO Noah Whinston noted — “This opportunity also comes as part of our continuing effort as an esports organization to provide a healthy environment that prepares our players for life beyond their competition. Coaching is one of several sustainable career paths for retired players, and we’re confident this experience will support Reignover’s future endeavors.”

CLG Head Coach Tony “Zikz” Gray added — “Reignover will be a welcome addition to our boot camp. It’s a rare opportunity to receive a fresh perspective on our play from one of our region’s best. We’re excited to have him and he will undoubtedly have a solid impact on helping us succeed.”

Reignover added this message for his fans —

After the gauntlet, I ended up with a long break and I wanted to do something special during it. I was looking for teams I could help out and practice with since I wanted to put myself in a competitive environment. I wanted to join an NA team for their Worlds bootcamp so I could help and learn from them. I decided on CLG because I’m friends with a lot of their players and they were really quick to accommodate me.

I plan to help CLG by working with Xmithie and figuring out the jungle meta for Worlds together. CLG is a really good team at closing out games when they have a lead, so I think by assisting them with the early game, they will have a better chance at Worlds. I’m excited to be here and look forward to working with CLG!

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