Welcome ANTi as the Immortals Smash 4 player!

Sept 13th, 2016 — Following yesterday’s announcement of our Overwatch team, we now we jump head-first into the world of Smash Bros with the addition of Jason “ANTi” Bates to the Immortals lineup.

Smash 4 has a special place in our hearts, with an incredibly vibrant community and unparalleled fan support for players. The energy that fans and competitors put in has elevated Smash 4 beyond just a game to the point of spectacle. Whether you’re a Smash veteran or a newcomer to the show, we know you’ll enjoy seeing Immortals step into the ring.

Immortals CEO Noah Whinston added —

Immortals is committed to bringing not only the highest level of play to our fans, but also to providing an incredible entertainment experience outside of the game. ANTi comes to us as both a top-tier Smash player, and a genuine showman who has nothing but love and respect for his fans. We rarely see a player with such talent across the board, and we’re thrilled to welcome this natural fit into the fold.

ANTi had this to say to his fans —

I joined Immortals to be part of a brand that promotes and enhances excellence. Not many organizations have a support structure as we do here at IMT. I’ll use this opportunity to keep doing what I do and to entertain the people!

Welcome to Immortals, ANTi!

Catch ANTi’s next match at Abadango Saga on September 24th. Until then, follow him on Twitter or Instagram, and pick up your very own ANTi Immortals player jersey from our Metathreads shop.

Twitter: @Anti
Instagram: jasonbates_

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