Bring on The Gauntlet

Last Saturday was rough.  After a dominating 16W-2L Summer Split, we went up against Cloud9 for a slot in the Summer Finals, and lost.  If you know Immortals at all, you know we hate to lose, and this one left a mark.

But there’s no time for anguish.  Yes, we lost, and the only thing to do now is learn from it and move forward.  Our coaches and players are hard at work right now, studying VODS and scrimming it up, because the next big thing is already here: The Gauntlet.

Why’s it called The Gauntlet, you ask?  Riot prefers the term Regional Qualifiers, so where does The Gauntlet get its name?  Well, let’s check out the format:

Can you see why it's called The Gauntlet? © LoL Esports

Can you see why it’s called The Gauntlet? © LoL Esports

This tournament is a brutal, single-elimination, bo5, winner-goes-on slugfest for the final Worlds slot.  The 4th seeded team takes on the 3rd seed, and the winner moves on to the 2nd seed, and so on.  Depending on how we do at the upcoming Summer 3rd place match against CLG, we’ll either be slotted as 1st or 2nd seed, giving us a good shot at the Worlds slot.

If we win our 3rd place match this Saturday, and TSM takes the final against C9, not only will we have the top seed in The Gauntlet, but we’ll be in our very first international tournament: IEM Oakland.  If we lose this Saturday, or if C9 beats TSM, we’ll be 2nd seed.  So don’t just cheer for us; cheer for TSM!

After that, it’s on to the reason we’re all here: Worlds.

We think we’ve got what it takes to make North America proud, but our fans are what keep us going, so send us your thoughts!  Comment below or hit us up on Social Media, flood that Twitch chat while we’re playing, and rep your Immortals swag in Toronto.

Oh, and don’t forget to slap on that IMT Summoner Icon and head into some match-made games to help us win the icon competition!

Now, let’s go take The Gauntlet.