Huni on Immortals, NA, and Facing Impact


Huni is coming to America.

The former Fnatic top laner made a name for himself over in Europe with his aggressive play style and wild outplays. Now, he’s decided that his time on the east side of the Atlantic is over. He’s conquered Europe, and now he has the Americas in his sights. And he’s bringing jungler Reignover with him.

Now on the new NA LCS team Immortals, he’s joined by Pobelter, WildTurtle, and Adrian to fill out the bottom half of the map. A team full of, well, potential, they’ve got a shot at making a run at the NA LCS title.

The choice to leave Fnatic wasn’t exactly an easy one, especially after his team’s undefeated run in the EU LCS and semifinal appearance at the 2015 World Championships. “It was really hard to leave Europe,” he admits. “After Worlds, I was a bit confused because I didn’t know what to do.”

huni-moves-to-immortals-with-several-heavy-hitters (1)

Huni moves to Immortals with several heavy hitters © LoL Esports

“At the same time, though, I wanted to have a new experience in America. When I was at MSI [in Tallahassee, Florida], there was really good food,” he laughed in classic Huni style. “I wanted to really try new stuff. It would be really cool to win both the NA LCS and EU LCS. If I had that career, it would be so unique. No one else would have that. Except Reignover.”

The very possibility of holding both LCS titles causes Huni’s eyes to light up. He relishes in the challenge.

According to Huni, the fact that fellow former Fnatic player Reignover is coming with him will be a huge help in finding success.

Speaking about why he decided to ask Reignover to come with him, Huni said, “In Korea, there aren’t a lot of people who speak English. At the same time, he needed to be really good at League of Legends. That’s really hard to get. Reignover is one of those guys, so I wanted to get him.”

It also helps that he won’t have to learn to play with a new teammate, he says. “Even if I had a new jungler, even if he’s good, I wouldn’t have a relationship with him. It’s going to be all new with him. I thought that if we went together, it would be so fun with him for this year.”


Huni is ready to take on NRG’s Impact © LoL Esports

Huni will need all the help he can get, especially if he wants to take down the one player he’s looking forward to playing against – NRG eSports’ top laner Impact. “I want to play against Impact. They say that Impact is really nice. He’s a really good top laner in NA. He was a World Champion in 2013. I want to beat him. I would like to go up against him.”

Once he’s achieved bringing down the 2013 World Champion, Huni is looking forward to finding success with his team. “I think our roster is really good. If we go to Worlds, I know we can beat some teams.”